Boomer Health

‘Baby Boomers’ are considered to be those who were born anywhere within the twenty years after the WWII ended: 1944 through 1964. The well documented increase in population of this generation has led to strain on the system the whole way through their lives.

Healthy Chocolate?

It’s gotten to be that time of year when my own mother stocks up- filling the freezer with those solid chocolate bunnies that are invading our grocery stores. She buys at least a dozen so that there’s one per month until next Easter.

Is DDT Affecting The Number On The Scale?

Though banned in the 1950’s, the pesticide dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) is still affecting our health today. DDT was used not only on crops, but on dairies & cattle farms, in homes and even in the wallpaper in children’s rooms to fend of pests such as ants & flies.

Following The Breath

Breathing. We do it all day every day without thinking twice about it, yet it’s crucial to our survival. The autonomic nervous system regulates it for us so that we don’t forget to do it, but is autopilot breathing really the best way?