The scent of Autumn is in the air.   Quick! What is the first thing that came to mind in that statement? What does this season upon us smell like to you? A crisp fall morning walk through the leaves? Grandmas baking? Pumpkin spice lattes? The associations we make in our brains with certain smells…

September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day

September 10th is a day set aside globally to bring attention to the completely preventable loss of life through suicide. While this is not a new health promotion day, it’s getting plenty of attention lately on account of the recent passing of well known comedian Robin Williams by suicide. Largely those who make an attempt…

August is National Eye Exam Month!

An often overlooked area of ones overall well being, your ocular health could use a little attention this month. Sears Optical founded National Eye Exam Month in 1989 to increase awareness of this important part of your senses. Can you imagine your life suddenly blind? I suspect nearly everything about your day to day would…

Taking Care of the Skin You’re In

Your skin. It’s seemingly obvious that we only have one organ that covers the entirety of our body, but the reality of it is that it actually regenerates itself in a fairly short time frame. The research shows that it takes anywhere between 2-4 weeks for you to be wearing a whole new suit of…

Your Outdoor Health

There are more benefits to spending time outside than just the necessary absorption of vitamin D. The best thing a child can do to build their immune system is to dig their hands into the earth and get dirty. While children do tend to spend time doing this, as adults we don’t as much.

Nine Tips For Improving Your Digestion

You know that saying “You are what you eat”? The reality of it is that you are only what you digest. Plenty of people struggle with proper digestion and many don’t even know it. So if most of us aren’t digesting the food that is fuelling our bodies through life properly, what can be done to improve it?

Boomer Health

‘Baby Boomers’ are considered to be those who were born anywhere within the twenty years after the WWII ended: 1944 through 1964. The well documented increase in population of this generation has led to strain on the system the whole way through their lives.

Following The Breath

Breathing. We do it all day every day without thinking twice about it, yet it’s crucial to our survival. The autonomic nervous system regulates it for us so that we don’t forget to do it, but is autopilot breathing really the best way?