Innocent sounding ingredients on a label ‘perfume’, ‘parfum’ or ‘fragrance’, are really just the nicer sounding equivalent of ‘unlisted nasty chemicals’. Unlisted because they don’t have to be. The scent of a product is considered to be proprietary info.

Spring Means Babies!

For many couples, difficulty getting pregnant is often preceded by years of outside influence telling a woman’s body not to get pregnant. Our systems are easily confused by the myriad of conflicting signals they take in from our environment, let alone the things we deliberately expose ourselves to.

EWG Guide To Healthy Cleaning

Most of you are generally aware, many cleaning products contain ingredients that are known to harm or irritate the lungs or trigger asthma. Some contain ingredients or contaminants linked to cancer. One may not know that by looking at the label.

Spooky Truths About Halloween

In just a few more days the city of Prince George (and many more just like it!) will be bombarded by gangs of goblins & ghosts, posses of pirates & princesses and an assortment of other branded characters collecting their rightful loot. Halloween is a fun holiday for those of all ages, but the reality behind the cute miniature chocolate bars the little ones are after is anything but…