To Juice or Not To Juice?

That is the question- isn’t it? Perhaps you’ve read something somewhere about somebody who upon diagnosis of some tragic disease decided to take up juicing to increase their nutrient intake to heal themselves. And you thought to yourself “yeah right”. There are plenty of myths & misunderstandings out there surrounding the value of throwing your…

Veggie Spotlight: Summer Squash!

The term ‘summer squash’ is a sort of catch-all phrase for a number of different squashes that are in abundance this time of year. While larger squashes such as pumpkins and winter squashes such as butternut are ready later in the year, summer squashes are smaller and softer than their hard shelled cousins. Zucchini is…

Reduce Your Moose!

Or if you don’t exactly prefer game meats and instead go for beef, chicken, pork or fish then reduce those too! While some may have the smoky scent of charred meat from the grill on the brain, the reality is that the hotter months of the year are those that it is easiest to eat…

Veggie Spotlight: Bok Choy!

Bok Choy is known as ‘Bok Choi’, ’Pak Choi’, ‘Pak Choy’ or simply ‘Chinese Cabbage’, as well as a selection of other less common terms are used to reference this Asian vegetable. The name translates literally into “white vegetable” although if harvested prematurely the stalks will be a pale green colour. There is also a…

Veggie Spotlight: Fennel!

While fennel is technically a herb, the bulb of the plant is often used as a highly flavourful and aromatic vegetable tasting similarly to black licorice. While the seed can be used ground or whole as a spice, the feathery leaves of the upper part of the plant are similar in appearance to dill and have a wide variety of culinary uses.

Nine Tips For Improving Your Digestion

You know that saying “You are what you eat”? The reality of it is that you are only what you digest. Plenty of people struggle with proper digestion and many don’t even know it. So if most of us aren’t digesting the food that is fuelling our bodies through life properly, what can be done to improve it?

Healthy Chocolate?

It’s gotten to be that time of year when my own mother stocks up- filling the freezer with those solid chocolate bunnies that are invading our grocery stores. She buys at least a dozen so that there’s one per month until next Easter.