Veggie Spotlight: Turnips!

Often mistaken for rutabagas (a similar vegetable to turnips, rutabagas are a cross between turnips & kale), turnips are an excellent alternative starch to potatoes as they contain only 1/3rd of the calories.

Veggie Spotlight: Yams!

These humble looking root veggies are nutrient packed superfoods in disguise! They are a great source of fiber due to their thick skins, though the flesh also contains fiber. They also are a good source of vitamin C & some B vitamins, though these are diminished through the cooking process.

Veggie Spotlight: Carrots!

As with most root veggies, carrots are in season at the moment solely because they store well. Nobody is plucking them from the frozen ground this time of year (not around here anyways)! Carrots are a fantastic source of beta carotene, which is a convertable form of vitamin A, as well as vitamin K, biotin & fiber.

September Veggie Spotlight: Zucchini

If you’re any sort of a backyard gardener, there’s half a chance that you’ve been tending a zucchini patch for the last few months. It’s this time of year when it seems everyone’s neighbour is desperately trying to gift away their surpluses of the squash.

August Veggie Spotlight: Green Beans

These days one can find green beans year round, if not fresh & imported from Mexico, then certainly in abundance in the freezer section of the grocery store. It is the moment that a piece of fruit or a vegetable is picked that it has the highest amount of nutrition that it will ever have.

July Veggie Spotlight: Spinach

Popeye was really on to something. Spinach is a versatile veggie that can easily be consumed raw in a salad, steamed, in dips, omelets, lasagna & more! This leafy green can also be incorporated into a smoothie giving your breakfast an extra dose of nourishing goodness, and with minimal impact on flavor.