Veggie Spotlight: Parsnips!

Parsnips are a pale coloured root vegetable similar to a carrot in shape & taste with a hint of sweetness when cooked. They are related to carrots, celery & fennel. Rich in potassium & high in fibre, parsnips are a great winter crop to be roasted, mashed or for use in stews.

Veggie Spotlight: Cauliflower!

Cauliflower varieties are available in a variety of colors aside from the standard white. While you’re not too likely to find any of the fun colors in the grocery store, you might have more luck at our local farmers market.

Veggie Spotlight: Brussels Sprouts!

These little cabbages are often a source of heated debate: largely a love it or hate it food. Popular for Thanksgiving & other holiday meals, Brussels sprouts are a part of the cruciferous family of veggies which sport a generous dosage of anti-cancer sulphoraphane.

Veggie Spotlight: Eggplant!

This member of the nightshade family is best known as the purple variety though there is a handful of other colors out there including orange & green! The nightshade family also includes tomatoes, peppers, potatoes & tobacco and causes inflammation in the body.

Veggie Spotlight: Peppers!

Our farmers market is a great place to shop and an even better indicator of what produce is in season. Soon, we’ll begin to see a wider variety of fruits & vegetables available for purchase and even better: consumption!

Veggie Spotlight: Broccoli!

Another superfood from the cruciferous family, Italian green broccoli is the kind we most commonly find in our grocery stores & recognize as the healthy little “trees” on our dinner plates. This nutrient dense veggie is especially rich in vitamin A, and is a great source of vitamins K, C, B9, fiber & vegetable based protein.

Veggie Spotlight: Asparagus

This spring vegetable is a member of the lily family hailing from the Mediterranean. The slender green stalks are great steamed, roasted or grilled on the barbecue. About half of the few calories in asparagus are from protein, which is high for a vegetable.

Veggie Spotlight: Radish

Radishes usually either fall into the “love-’em” or “hate-’em” camp, but as with most veggies in this situation, preparation method is key. Radishes can have a spicy kick to them, depending on the variety which can aid in nasal drainage when stuffed up.