Managing A New Food Allergy

The number of food products catering to those watching out for allergens has skyrocketed in the grocery stores in the last few years. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you. Surely you’ve seen the stickers and claims on half the boxes lining the shelves. It’s not just “low fat!” or “50% less salt!” anymore.

Veggie Spotlight: Yams!

These humble looking root veggies are nutrient packed superfoods in disguise! They are a great source of fiber due to their thick skins, though the flesh also contains fiber. They also are a good source of vitamin C & some B vitamins, though these are diminished through the cooking process.

EWG Guide To Healthy Cleaning

Most of you are generally aware, many cleaning products contain ingredients that are known to harm or irritate the lungs or trigger asthma. Some contain ingredients or contaminants linked to cancer. One may not know that by looking at the label.

Gluten Free This Holiday Season

The holidays can be the most difficult to navigate for anyone who is newly eliminating wheat, gluten or other grains from their diet. The biggest, baddest food holiday of them all generally comes bearing treats of all shapes & sizes: and it’s nearly inescapable.

Veggie Spotlight: Carrots!

As with most root veggies, carrots are in season at the moment solely because they store well. Nobody is plucking them from the frozen ground this time of year (not around here anyways)! Carrots are a fantastic source of beta carotene, which is a convertable form of vitamin A, as well as vitamin K, biotin & fiber.