Spring Means Babies!

For many couples, difficulty getting pregnant is often preceded by years of outside influence telling a woman’s body not to get pregnant. Our systems are easily confused by the myriad of conflicting signals they take in from our environment, let alone the things we deliberately expose ourselves to.

Veggie Spotlight: Radish

Radishes usually either fall into the “love-’em” or “hate-’em” camp, but as with most veggies in this situation, preparation method is key. Radishes can have a spicy kick to them, depending on the variety which can aid in nasal drainage when stuffed up.

March is National Nutrition Month!

And thus, I challenge you to take a second look at your diet this month. After the January New Years resolution kicks have worn off, we can become comfortable in our habits again. Being comfortable is easy, familiar, and often counterproductive.

Veggie Spotlight: Turnips!

Often mistaken for rutabagas (a similar vegetable to turnips, rutabagas are a cross between turnips & kale), turnips are an excellent alternative starch to potatoes as they contain only 1/3rd of the calories.

Managing A New Food Allergy

The number of food products catering to those watching out for allergens has skyrocketed in the grocery stores in the last few years. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you. Surely you’ve seen the stickers and claims on half the boxes lining the shelves. It’s not just “low fat!” or “50% less salt!” anymore.