Heidi Kasewater - Counsellor

Heidi Kaseweter

Heidi Kaseweter, MC, CCC, has been with The Northern Centre for Integrative Medicine since 2006, serving Prince George and the surrounding region. Heidi has spent a balance of time between office and community work. She graduated from the University of Calgary in 2008 with a Masters of Counselling (MC) and is a Canadian Certified Counsellor…

Sonya Redden - Physiotherapy

Sonja Redden

Sonja was born and raised in Germany. She received her physiotherapy diploma in 1992 from the Dr. Rohrbach School in Germany. She completed the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Physiotherapy) degree in 1999 after her immigration to Canada. She has practiced orthopedic physiotherapy for over 20 years. Her postgraduate education is ongoing. She has been a…

Veggie Spotlight: Bok Choy!

Bok Choy is known as ‘Bok Choi’, ’Pak Choi’, ‘Pak Choy’ or simply ‘Chinese Cabbage’, as well as a selection of other less common terms are used to reference this Asian vegetable. The name translates literally into “white vegetable” although if harvested prematurely the stalks will be a pale green colour. There is also a…

Dr. Jason Boxtart, Naturopathic Medicine and Chronic Pain

Dr. Jason Boxtart

Dr. Boxtart has served on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors for 6 years, 3 of those years as the Chairman of the Board. In that position he chaired both the Canadian Naturopathic Coordinating Council and the Canadian Naturopathic Foundation. He received the Dr. Verna Hunt Award for his service…

Veggie Spotlight: Fennel!

While fennel is technically a herb, the bulb of the plant is often used as a highly flavourful and aromatic vegetable tasting similarly to black licorice. While the seed can be used ground or whole as a spice, the feathery leaves of the upper part of the plant are similar in appearance to dill and have a wide variety of culinary uses.

Your Outdoor Health

There are more benefits to spending time outside than just the necessary absorption of vitamin D. The best thing a child can do to build their immune system is to dig their hands into the earth and get dirty. While children do tend to spend time doing this, as adults we don’t as much.

Nine Tips For Improving Your Digestion

You know that saying “You are what you eat”? The reality of it is that you are only what you digest. Plenty of people struggle with proper digestion and many don’t even know it. So if most of us aren’t digesting the food that is fuelling our bodies through life properly, what can be done to improve it?